NORFOLK – While they’ve only owned their solitary store for a few years, the Uprooted Fashion Shop can be seen offering its wares in a 3-hour radius around Norfolk.

By taking fashion on the road.

“This is a mobile boutique,” said Amber King, 5 miles south of Norfolk next to the big blue Uprooted truck.

“My sister and I own it, we bought it a couple of years ago from some ladies who had started it. We fell in love with the idea.”

The boutique can be found attending big events, house parties, and more to complement the scene with some choice apparel.

And they offer a discount to anyone who hosts their shop. Despite their relatively new operation, the store is making some fast friends with other new businesses in the Northeast.

“We’re also set up at Simply Distressed,” King said, right outside the shop just south of Norfolk on Highway 81. “Lacie has a shop out here with lots of home decor.”

“A lot of our merchandise is also carried in her shop.”

It’s a pretty tight space, but the sisters have managed to line it up with apparel that can suit a wide variety of outfitting needs.

“We have items from newborn, up to plus size – lots of kids stuff,” said King’s sister Ashley Frasch, holding up a striped sweater, ” this is one of our favorite sweaters that we have for kids. Kind of everything in-between.”

They bought the truck late into the clothes-buying season two years ago, and COVID the year after made it even more difficult to operate.

All the same, King and Frasch say they’ve been able to provide a novel and exciting service for many different communities in the State.

“We love getting to go to smaller towns, a lot of them get more excited when we come because they don’t get to shop things like this every day,” Frasch said.

“And we’ve made a lot of really good connections with people that we never would have gotten to if it wasn’t for the truck.”