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Amazon wants to make your life easier. Here’s how it’s changing grocery shopping

Amazon wants to make grocery shopping as efficient as possible. So it’s eliminating checkout lines.

The company announced Tuesday that will introduce what it calls Just Walk Out technology — which allows customers to pay for their groceries without waiting in line for a cashier — at its newest Amazon Fresh store. That store is set to open June 17 in Bellevue, Washington. (Customers are not obliged to use it, and can still check out the old-fashioned way.)

Amazon wants to showcase the software’s “continued ability to scale and adapt to new environments and selection,” said Dilip Kumar, the

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7 Retail Stocks to Buy Ahead of a Summer Shopping Boom

Put these retail stocks on your summer shopping list.

The retail sector faced unprecedented challenges in 2020. However, analysts and investors expect a major rebound in retail shopping this summer as the economy fully reopens. Shares of SPDR S&P Retail ETF (ticker: XRT) are up by 50% year to date, suggesting the market is already pricing in some high expectations for retail stocks. Fortunately, the CFRA Research analyst team sees both continued momentum among some of the top-performing retail stocks during the health crisis and also sees buying opportunities among undervalued reopening stocks. Here are seven of CFRA’s top

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New report captures how the pandemic changed grocery shopping | 2021-05-26

Prior to Covid-19, American consumers were spending more on food away from home than ever before. For example, the $931 billion consumers spent on overall food away from home expenditures in 2018 exceeded food at home expenditures by nearly $150 billion, according to USDA’s Economic Research Service. However, as the American public grappled with the pandemic and stayed at home or social distanced during much of 2020, much of that trend reversed. Today, 58{964f9ed1dd3881c79743812c3f28effde5b9271ba8701ca882984cc44c5cc62a} of shoppers report eating more at home and nearly half (49{964f9ed1dd3881c79743812c3f28effde5b9271ba8701ca882984cc44c5cc62a}) report cooking or preparing their own meals more than before the pandemic. When it comes

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Capital One Shopping gives you savings in one click

People are shopping online now more than ever. It makes sense given the past year of pandemic restrictions forcing many small businesses to shift operations online while large ones doubled down on their online offerings. According to Digital Commerce 360, Americans spent $861 billion online in 2020, a 44{964f9ed1dd3881c79743812c3f28effde5b9271ba8701ca882984cc44c5cc62a} uptick from 2019. While that growth may not sustain, online shopping isn’t going anywhere any time soon and if you’re going to keep with the times, you should learn how to be a savvier online shopper.

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Fortunately, it doesn’t take much. You don’t have

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‘Revenge shopping’ is at an all-time high, but what is it?

After an entire year of spending weekends at home, working from the kitchen counter, and hopping onto Zoom meetings, leggings and sweatpants suddenly took over as the unofficial work-from-home wardrobe. If this sounds like you, then you most likely feel a sudden urge to completely revamp your wardrobe now that COVID-19 vaccines have lessened the fears surrounding COVID-19.

If this all sounds like you, you’re not alone.

This urge to shop for new clothing post-pandemic is being coined “Revenge shopping,” and it’s affecting more people than you think.

“Revenge shopping” is the idea that people are ready to refresh their

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