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‘Ridiculous double standard’: LA residents condemn maze of Covid restrictions | Los Angeles

Jeffrey Merrihue had just finished installing $80,000 worth of dining booths on the street outside his informal Italian eatery blocks away from the Pacific Ocean when word came down that Los Angeles county was instituting a three-week ban on outdoor dining.

Not only was he not amused – he thought the decision was misguided and desperately unfair.

“Are you kidding me?” Merrihue said, sitting in one of the booths that the city of Santa Monica encouraged him to build on a line of metered parking spots. “I have to close outdoor dining, while people are mobbing indoor malls? When

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Glendale firefighters deliver groceries to residents confined by the coronavirus

With a list in hand Spencer Hammond was winding his way through Glendale’s Pacific Food Mart on Wednesday, quickly filling up a basket with grocery items such as eggs, milk and toilet paper.

But the firefighter-paramedic wasn’t buying the items for himself or his co-workers at the Glendale Fire Department — he was shopping for a resident.

Hammond was one of 40 firefighters at the department who have stepped up to help buy and deliver groceries as well as other essential items to city residents who are now housebound because of the coronavirus outbreak.

“I think it’s just in

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