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Staten Island Mall reopens: Here’s what it’s like inside

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — After being shuttered for nearly six months, Staten Island’s “economic engine,” the Staten Island Mall, reopened for business on Wednesday amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic with more than 50% of the stores eager to greet customers.

“I’m ecstatic,” said James Easley, senior Mall manager. “The Mall is Staten Island’s economic engine. It’s like a small city. …When it was closed, there were so many jobs gone — the retailers, restaurants, landscapers, cleaners, the construction workers, everybody…. It felt so weird to come in here every day. …It’s nice to see people here again.”

The Mall was

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West Town Mall in Knoxville reopens during coronavirus pandemic

It didn’t look like Black Friday, but it wasn’t a ghost town either when West Town Mall opened its doors on Friday for the Phase 1 reopening of Knoxville and Knox County. 

Considering the circumstances, a considerable number of people — many not wearing masks — were quick to visit the mall Friday during the coronavirus pandemic after more than a month without being able to shop at some of their favorite stores.

But just because the mall decided to open doesn’t mean its retailers must do the same. 

In fact, many of the stores had steel shutters blocking their 

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LI’s Roosevelt Field mall reopens for first time since pandemic

Long Island’s largest shopping mall reopened Friday for the first time in nearly four months — with a trickle of wary shoppers dropping by for a little retail therapy.

Customers were required to put on face masks and practice social distancing during their jaunts to Roosevelt Field mall in Garden City, which has been closed since March 19 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some stores were even conducting temperature checks before letting patrons browse.

But no one seemed to mind.

“I see everybody just trying to adhere to the guidelines,” said Ed Inocent, 38, who lives in Brooklyn, after popping

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California slowly reopens as stores offer curbside pickup. Will it be enough to keep businesses afloat?

As California took its first modest step toward reopening its devastated economy on Friday, Venice clothing store owner Holly Boies was not exactly optimistic.

Some businesses, like her Abbot Kinney Boulevard shop, Salt, were allowed to reopen — but only for curbside pickup.

That presented a problem for Boies. Her small store sells mostly clothing. How, she wondered, were people supposed to buy clothes without coming inside and trying them on?

“It’s weird,” she said. “I don’t know how we’re going to do it.”

When she reopened Friday, sort of, business was practically nonexistent without the foot traffic she relies

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Rockaway Townsquare mall reopens. Here are safety measures in place.


Coronavirus cases rise among young people while amusement parks, playgrounds, and malls are set to open.


ROCKAWAY TOWNSHIP — After being shuttered for about four months due to the novel coronavirus, Rockaway Townsquare reopened on Monday morning to masked shoppers. 

The mall, just off Route 80, reopened its doors at 11, and its stores may allow only 50% of the previous maximum capacity. 

Frank Ryan, 22, of Randolph parked and looked curiously at the mostly empty parking lot as he slipped on his N95 mask.

“I was heading to Macy’s to get a gift for my girlfriend’s birthday,

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