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Coronavirus pandemic has pushed shoppers to e-commerce sites

Pedestrians cross a street decorated with Christmas lights in Orchard road shopping district in Singapore on December 8, 2020.

Roslan Rahman | AFP via Getty Images

SINGAPORE — The last three months of the year are typically synonymous with malls and stores teeming with customers who stand in long, snaking queues to pay for their holiday shopping hauls.

But due to the coronavirus pandemic this year, which forced countries around the world to either go into lockdowns or enforce strict social distancing rules, a lot of the holiday shopping is being done online, according to multiple research reports.

One recent

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Rimrock Mall adds new businesses amid pandemic slump | Business

“There’s people that come to the mall just to have the ice cream, which makes me feel good,” Norby said.

Even though the mall, like other businesses, has faced challenges since the pandemic began in early 2020, vendors continue to rent mall space. It’s a welcome sight, said Rimrock Mall general manager Devin Hartley.

Real estate company Jones Lang LaSalle started managing the mall in August. Hartley took the position of general manager in June.

Businesses inside the mall cautiously opened in April when former Gov. Steve Bullock enacted a three-phase process of lifting regulations. Since then, vendors in the

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What we bought during the pandemic

Soon after we published a January shopping guide on UV light sanitizers — then fairly novel to mainstream shoppers — viewership suddenly exploded.

We ran the Jan. 22 expert guide for several reasons but the depth of winter provided our main inspiration: It forced many of us indoors and around others which, in turn, exposed us to lots of potentially harmful particles and bacteria. UV light sanitizers promised to help eliminate these. A nice-to-have device for sure, it was hard to predict just how sought after UV light sanitizers would become in the coming weeks, months and now possibly years.

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Shoe repair stores used to be a good way to make a living. Then, the pandemic sent corporate workers home.

He had regulars for decades and tourists always boosted his business. These days, hardly any clients trickle in. On a recent morning, the customers who did come asked how he was doing and wished him well.

Chris Burnett, who works in finance, made a trip to Rockefeller Center just to go to Eddie’s. Burnett, 35, used to come to the store often.

“I would bring my boss in here when he was in town,” he said, adding that to see the place so empty was shocking. “There would be eight guys lined up, and we couldn’t even get a spot

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Shops at the Crenshaw mall weather pandemic ahead of sale

The food court is mostly shuttered. The Museum of African American Art, located improbably inside a Macy’s, is closed for now. And Black Santa is not coming to town.

The Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza may be open, but it doesn’t much feel that way.

For the record:

8:58 AM, Dec. 22, 2020A previous version of this article misidentified CIM Group’s headquarters as being located in New York. The company is based in Los Angeles.

Gone is the classic mall background noise — Top 40 music drowned out by people talking, walking, rustling shopping bags. Gone are the free weekly

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