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‘Arsenal of Democracy Flyover’ of National Mall set for Friday

Washingtonians and tourists who turn to the skies late Friday morning on the National Mall may be excused if they think they’ve somehow been recruited as extras in a World War II movie, as dozens of historic fighter planes and bombers take flight to mark the 75th anniversary of the war’s end.

The “Arsenal of Democracy Flyover” commemorates end of World War II. The program will send about 60 vintage combat aircraft over the Potomac River and the Mall in a sequence representing major air campaigns of the war. The lineup includes the Spitfires and Hurricanes that defended England during

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Paseo Nuevo Shopping Mall Hit with Triple Whammy

After three public meetings that consumed no less than 15 hours, the Santa Barbara Planning Commission had a unanimous one-word answer for owners of the Paseo Nuevo shopping center: “No.” Specifically, the commissioners rejected a development agreement that would have extended the mall owners’ master lease with City Hall — which technically controls the land under the mall — by 28 years. Currently, the mall lease expires in 2065, and the owners are asking for an extension that would take them to 2093.

In light of massive changes afflicting retail shopping in general and the direction of State Street more

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Twenty thousand flags placed on National Mall to memorialize Covid-19 deaths in the US

The installation, called a Covid Memorial Project, was put organized by a group of friends in the Washington DC area who raised money online. They then gathered volunteers to place the flags on the mall on Tuesday.

Each of the 20,000 flags represents 10 American lives that have been lost to the virus this year, according to the group’s GoFundMe page.

“This extreme loss of life is staggering — but was not inevitable: the President’s poor handling of the virus response has led to tens of thousands of excess deaths,” organizers wrote on the fundraising site.

“And this administration has

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Mall titan Brookfield, Ralph Lauren both reducing workforce

NEW YORK (AP) — Brookfield Properties, one of the nation’s largest mall operators, is cutting 20% of its workforce in…

NEW YORK (AP) — Brookfield Properties, one of the nation’s largest mall operators, is cutting 20% of its workforce in its retail division, as the pandemic has accelerated online shopping and resulted in a string of store closings.

The Chicago-based mall, which operates 170 mall properties, has more than 2,000 employees in its retail division, according to the company.

The news came as luxury fashion firm Ralph Lauren Corp. said that it was cutting 15% of its workforce by the

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