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Amazon wants to make your life easier. Here’s how it’s changing grocery shopping

Amazon wants to make grocery shopping as efficient as possible. So it’s eliminating checkout lines.

The company announced Tuesday that will introduce what it calls Just Walk Out technology — which allows customers to pay for their groceries without waiting in line for a cashier — at its newest Amazon Fresh store. That store is set to open June 17 in Bellevue, Washington. (Customers are not obliged to use it, and can still check out the old-fashioned way.)

Amazon wants to showcase the software’s “continued ability to scale and adapt to new environments and selection,” said Dilip Kumar, the

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New report captures how the pandemic changed grocery shopping | 2021-05-26

Prior to Covid-19, American consumers were spending more on food away from home than ever before. For example, the $931 billion consumers spent on overall food away from home expenditures in 2018 exceeded food at home expenditures by nearly $150 billion, according to USDA’s Economic Research Service. However, as the American public grappled with the pandemic and stayed at home or social distanced during much of 2020, much of that trend reversed. Today, 58{964f9ed1dd3881c79743812c3f28effde5b9271ba8701ca882984cc44c5cc62a} of shoppers report eating more at home and nearly half (49{964f9ed1dd3881c79743812c3f28effde5b9271ba8701ca882984cc44c5cc62a}) report cooking or preparing their own meals more than before the pandemic. When it comes

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Why Grocery Outlet is succeeding during the coronavirus pandemic

Grocery Outlet (GO), an “extreme value” supermarket chain with around 350 stores, mostly on the American West Coast, is capitalizing on shoppers stockpiling groceries during the outbreak and the havoc across supply chains.

The grocer, which does not sell online, went public last year and sells its products 40{964f9ed1dd3881c79743812c3f28effde5b9271ba8701ca882984cc44c5cc62a} below conventional supermarket prices. It said Tuesday that sales at stores open for at least one year increased 5.1{964f9ed1dd3881c79743812c3f28effde5b9271ba8701ca882984cc44c5cc62a} during its most recent quarter. Like other grocers and retailers that have stayed open during this crisis, Grocery Outlet’s sales accelerated in March as the virus spread across the … Read More

6 grocery trends to watch in 2020

Grocers have had to test and invest at a faster pace than they’d like since Amazon acquired Whole Foods nearly three years ago. But they’re starting to get their footing, and the result is a much better shopping experience for consumers. This year, look for retailers to build out a few of the most promising services and technologies that will help them compete in the next decade of food retailing.

Premium and specialty private-label rollouts will accelerate

From Target’s Good & Gather to ShopRite’s new food and household brands, 2019 saw retailers push private label into new premium categories. Tory

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Grocery shopping is forever changed by the coronavirus

While shopping for books and electronics online and ordering dinner through delivery apps have become staples of American life, most customers still prefer to purchase their meat and vegetables at the store. Last year, just 4{964f9ed1dd3881c79743812c3f28effde5b9271ba8701ca882984cc44c5cc62a} of grocery sales in the United States came online, according to Nielsen.

However, with shoppers stuck in their homes in the wake of the virus, online grocery shopping is exploding. Downloads of Instacart, Walmart’s grocery app and Shipt increased 218{964f9ed1dd3881c79743812c3f28effde5b9271ba8701ca882984cc44c5cc62a}, 160{964f9ed1dd3881c79743812c3f28effde5b9271ba8701ca882984cc44c5cc62a}, and 124{964f9ed1dd3881c79743812c3f28effde5b9271ba8701ca882984cc44c5cc62a} respectively last Sunday compared with a year prior.

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