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Viral video of brawl at Walden Galleria Mall just days after reopening

Caught on Video — An altercation inside the mall happened just days after the Walden Galleria reopened their doors to the public amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Cheektowaga Police don’t know exactly how many people were involved in the altercation, but they say no charges or complaints were filed once they arrived to the scene.

The brawl happened on Tuesday afternoon.

“The video of it was pretty sensational. It showed a lot of people involved in a hand to hand fight, however, by the time the calls come into our dispatch, the officers respond and make it all the way into

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Crossroads Mall to be demolished; tenants have 30 days to move

Tenants tell us Crossroads Mall will be demolished and redeveloped.

They say they’ve known this day would come eventually but it’s even more difficult because the coronavirus has been impacting businesses too. They have the next 30 days to move out.

Paul Gaskins owns Diverse Cutz. He said, “This is…this is kind of emotional.”

Of the handful of stores left in Crossroads, all of them have felt the financial strain of the virus.

Whether it’s the dress and tux store missing this year’s prom season or Paul Gaskins Barbershop that was ordered to close for the month of April.


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