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Buy Etsy Stock on the Dip Because Online Shopping Is Here to Stay

Etsy (NASDAQ:ETSY) was one of the biggest pandemic success stories.

The Etsy (ETSY) mobile app on a tablet display

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The temporary shutdown of retail stores and lockdown orders forcing people to isolate at home meant explosive growth in online shopping last year. Etsy saw huge sales increases and made headlines for the massive volume of cloth face masks sold on the platform.

And ETSY stock was among the top performers of 2020, gaining 310% for the year. Despite some weakness in March, ETSY has done well in 2021 also, up nearly 26% so far this year.

There’s still time to buy ETSY stock on the

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Best Clothing and Fashion Stocks to Buy in 2020

Clothing stocks are issued by companies that specialize in apparel, whether that means designing it, selling it, or some combination of both. We all need clothes and shoes, and the industry is booming—but that doesn’t mean that every clothing or shoe company is a winner with a recognized brand name and solid earnings.

Top Fashion Companies in the World

Some of these apparel companies actually have a decent dividend yield, which means they can be great components to your dividend investing strategy. However, investors should keep in mind that apparel is considered a consumer discretionary, meaning that the performance

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Where to buy L.A. Christmas trees for the 2020 holidays

As the coronavirus continues to spread throughout Los Angeles and the rest of the world, it’s clear the holidays will be different this year.

Research has shown that seasonal decor — twinkling lights, wreaths and Christmas trees — have a positive effect on our minds. So how do we get in the holiday spirit when we’re social distancing and sheltering in place?

At press time you can still buy a Christmas tree, and many family-run tree lots plan to open with strict COVID-19 protocols in place including mask mandates, social distancing requirements, hand sanitizer, online purchasing, delivery, even webcams.


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15 Best Sneaker Websites to Buy Your Kicks in 2020

The internet revolutionized and forever changed consumer behavior by giving customers an easy, stress-free way to browse and buy products from the comfort of their own home. The same goes for buying sneakers. While there are certainly still those old-school OGs that prefer going into physical stores to buy kicks, the majority of people prefer to shop on sneaker sites.

With the retail world at your fingertips, it can be hard to decide exactly where to go. Whereas previously shoppers were limited by geography, these days jumping from sneaker stores such as Overkill in Berlin to KM20 in Moscow can

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Worried About a Stock Market Crash? Buy These Recession-Proof Dividend Stocks

It’s been a volatile year in the stock market. Several factors point at an imminent stock market crash, and the very thought is enough to make investors jittery. However, instead of panicking, it’s time you prepare yourself and recession-proof your portfolio by adding some stocks that can withstand the storm.

How about buying some dividend stocks that can pay out stable dividends? This way, you can earn passive income even during a recession. If that sounds like a great idea, check out these three top recession-resilient dividend stocks right away. 

Dividend growth you can bank on

NextEra Energy (

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