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Chicago sisters accused of stabbing store security guard 27 times after he asked them to wear a mask

Two sisters were charged with first-degree attempted murder on Tuesday after they allegedly stabbed a security guard 27 times after he asked the women to wear a mask and use the store-provided hand sanitizer, police say.

A Chicago Police Department spokesperson told NBC News that Jessica Hill, 21, and her sister, Jayla, 18, initially got into a verbal altercation with a guard at a shoe store in Chicago after they refused to wear a mask. The late Sunday afternoon incident turned physical when one of the sisters allegedly pulled out a knife and stabbed the guard multiple times in the

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Trans woman asked to leave women’s clothes store

Colton Stankowski was asked to leave a women’s clothing store when she told an employe that she was shopping for herself. (Envato Elements)

A trans woman from Calgary, Canada, was told she was making shoppers “uncomfortable” in a women’s clothing store and was asked to leave – and now she’s fighting back.

Colton Stankowski opened up about the traumatising ordeal in an interview with 666CityNews – and revealed how she has since worked to turn the upsetting moment into a positive experience with the help of TikTok.

Stankowski told the news outlet that she was browsing clothes in NV Fashions

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