Skip’s Kicks shoe store hopes to leave a footprint on Clear Lake | Local

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Jo said she’s trying to keep the work she’s doing, with help from Carrie, as independent as possible. Which means she’s the one calling the vendors from the scratch. She and Carrie were the ones to contact the owner of the building they’ll be occupying. When the time comes to take possession of that space on May 1, they’ll be redoing some of the insides themselves.

“I’m big on pride and don’t want to say that was my idea based off of someone else. I want it to be my idea or our idea. I want it to come from us and be everything we put our hearts into,” Jo said.

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In the month-plus before the store opens, Jo and Carrie not only have to finalize their vendors (which can be difficult right now because some are required to see the space and with COVID they’re not traveling right now) but they have to repaint the place, change out the lights, roll out new carpet and put up a new decorative wall. 

“It’s going to be completely different,” Jo said. 

She shared that she’s more than a little bit nervous for opening day to come, but also excited. That excitement is buoyed by the local interest she said she’s seen from those in the community, her wife’s support and a firm belief that this is what she needs to be doing right now.

“It’s not an easy time to start your own business, but if you don’t jump, you’ll never fly.”