Men’s clothing store will open in downtown Lock Haven | News, Sports, Jobs

Alaceus, a new men’s clothing store, is expected to open sometime in the new year with a location at 108 E. Main St., Lock Haven.

LOCK HAVEN — As a student at Lock Haven University, Mohamed Ahamed-Ahrar got tired of driving 45 minutes to find quality men’s clothing.

He wanted to take matters into his own hands. He decided to open Alaceus, a men’s clothing store located at 108 E. Main St., in downtown Lock Haven.

“The store (is) originally an idea I had during my college career. I was tired of driving 45 minutes out of Lock Haven just to get some decently styled clothing,” Ahamed-Ahrar explained. “I had tried shipping online, but every time I would, I would get something that didn’t fit in the batch. Over the years, I was pretty tired of it and saw a lot of my friends were as well. I then decided during my final semester of my undergrad to open up Alaceus.”

Ahamed-Ahrar is a native of Mechanicsburg, Pa., but attended LHU. He’s hoping that Alaceus will be another part of the comeback that downtown Lock Haven is making.

“I just finished my undergrad this last semester … I have a bachelors in Interdisciplinary Sciences. I would say being at Lock Haven University these last four years has really given me the inspiration and tools to help make this town bloom again,” Ahamed-Ahrar said.

Alaceus will join several new stores that have opened recently. In recent months, A Little Bird, Momoyo Otsu, Simone’s Bakery and Skeleton Key have opened their doors. These stores cater mostly to women, so Ahamed-Ahrar saw an opportunity to open up a shop in downtown Lock Haven. The store, he said, will cater to students and young men.

He’s still getting stock for the store, he said.

“We’re currently stocking styles for teens and college students mostly, but have some clothing for the older crowd as well. We’re focusing mostly on streetwear, but to support the town’s interest, we’ve stocked up on some formalwear as well,” Ahamed-Ahrar noted.

The inventory at Alaceus will include hats, sunglasses, hoodies, crewnecks, T-shirts, jeans, shoes and some dresswear.

Ahamed-Ahrar said the store will stock plenty of brand names.

“We’ll be carrying, Nike, Champion, Off-White, American Eagle, Aeropostale, Adidas and more,” Ahamed-Ahrar said.

Though he does not have an opening day set, Ahamed-Ahrar said the store will be open from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday. There will be a staff of four employees to start.

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