Illinois Star Centre Mall under new ownership

MARION (WSIL) — After years of an uncertain future, a new beginning is emerging for Illinois Star Centre Mall in Marion.

The mall’s previous owners declared bankruptcy in 2017, and many tenants started moving out. The mall then closed in 2018.

Now there’s a new owner who plans to breathe new life into that part of town.

One of the new owners, Rodney Cabaness, has been working for months to buy the property through bankruptcy court.

Cabaness, owner and president of Black Diamond Harley Davidson, said his Marion Center Project LLC wants to clean up the mall and help the existing anchor stores thrive.

“We feel like this community deserves this to be retail space. Or space where people can go and, whatever, either shop or have fun, or whatever the case may be. So we intend to do what we can to bring that to fruition,” said Cabaness.

Cabaness also said they have many things in the works to help benefit the Marion community.

“We wanna be here for the community. We wanna see things come to southern Illinois. We have other businesses in southern Illinois, and we know how good it can be and how good it has been,” Cabaness said.

There have been plans over the years to revitalize the mall.

Cabaness said Friday that while they want to do maintenance on the building, there are currently no concrete plans on what is next.