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Activist erupts on school board member for shopping during hearing

A Louisiana man verbally laid into a local school board member in a caught-on-camera confrontation after she was busted shopping online during a hearing to rename a school dubbed in honor of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

Activist Gary Chambers forcefully tore into board member Connie Bernard at Thursday’s East Baton Rouge Parish School Board meeting during a discussion on whether to rename the school.

“I had intended to get up here and talk about how racist Robert E. Lee was, but I’m going to talk about you, Connie,” Chambers told Bernard, video shows. “Sitting over there shopping while we’re

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4 Smart Ways to Stay Sharp With Holiday Shopping News

This holiday season everyone doesn’t exactly know what to expect. Of course there is what the analyst said and I have even written about some of these developments. However it is important to remember even the best predictions of analyst concerning new trends and sales forecasts can go wrong. This only makes sense when we see how many industry people missed it concerning the collapse of finance and home prices last year.

So it is important to realize that news on sales and discounts will change as the holiday shopping season progresses. If you now feel like a fish out … Read More

Women’s Clothing Shops

Women’s clothing sells much faster and more frequently than men’s clothing, so it’s only natural that women’s clothing shops are more predominant than men’s clothing shops. But some women’s clothing shops are too expensive, despite the trendy and popular clothing they might display. Who can afford to pay designer prices just to look good?

Some of the trendiest fashions can be found in smaller shops that boast inexpensive fashions, though many of the labels may not bear recognizable names. These smaller shops are mostly found in strip malls. The women’s clothing shops found in large mall always have very high … Read More