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Christian prayer march draws thousands to Washington

“We came to pray and heal,” said Diane Hildner, an elementary school teacher in Leesburg. “We want people to be happy again and not worried or afraid, not be afraid of retribution for saying your views. We know our nation is in trouble, so we stand here to pray to our God to heal our nation.”

They had come on the day President Trump announced his nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, a devout conservative, to the Supreme Court. While there were many on the mall wearing pro-Trump hats or shirts, several people interviewed pulled back from explicit partisanship,

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Thousands gather for Prayer March 2020 at National Mall | News

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WASHINGTON (NBC News) —Tens of thousands of people attended a prayer rally Saturday at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

The large crowd gathered at the Lincoln Memorial and stretched along the sides of the reflecting pool.

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Rev. Franklin Graham said he organized the rally to pray for God to heal America, because he says the nation is hurting, people are divided and there’s fear and uncertainty.

“Our Father and our God, we come to say thank you. But father our country is in trouble. We need your help,” Graham prayed.

He also prayed for President Donald Trump ahead of

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Thousands gather at prayer march on the National Mall

WASHINGTON – Thousands of Christians gathered on the National Mall in Washington on Saturday, waving U.S. flags, kneeling in small prayer circles alongside monuments, singing and listening to speakers who called on the nation to come together and heal.

Two groups – one organized by New Jersey-based pastor and popular author Jonathan Cahn, the other led by Evangelist Franklin Graham – emphasized slightly different objectives but came with a shared focus central to many millions of Christian conservatives: repairing a country they say is in the midst of a spiritual crisis.

“We came to pray and heal,” said Diane Hildner,

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Mall Of America Extends A Hand Of Unity To Challenged Local Retailers

Mall of America, for all its “bigness” is not a stranger to small entrepreneurs and independent retailers. Now it is providing a lifeline to some Minneapolis businesses hard hit by the pandemic and the civil unrest resulting from the death of George Floyd.

On October 1, the mall will launch a new, temporary rent-free venue called “Community Commons”.

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Tiffany preps new store at San Jose’s Valley Fair mall

SAN JOSE — Tiffany & Co. is preparing to open an eye-catching new store located in the revamped luxury district that’s part of the freshly expanded and upgraded Westfield Valley Fair mall in San Jose.

The world-famous jewelry retailer, whose main New York City store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan was immortalized in the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” movie, is slated to open on Friday a new, 5,400 square-foot store at Valley Fair, the company said. The store includes an outside entrance at the destination retail mall, according to the retailer.

“A luxurious atmosphere to immediately immerse guests into the world

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