Becky Lindemann, owner of The Shoe Closet, is retiring and closing the store after 36 years in business.

Wichita Falls Times Record News

Becky Lindemann, owner of The Shoe Closet, sold her last pair of pumps Tuesday and has closed the store after 36 years in business.

Looking back she says, “I feel like I was just such a young girl that wanted to have a shoe store. And it opened and realizing that there was so much more than that, that went into the store, a lot of hard work, and community support and it just worked.” 

Lindemann’s original location opened in July of 1984 in Century Plaza. After several years and a few expansions, The Shoe Closet  relocated and has been successful in Parker Square along with a handful of other female-owned businesses that moved around the same time. 

The original shop had 1,200 square feet and this store has around 4,500 square feet and allowed her to also carry ladies apparel, artwork, jewelry and accessories.

Not a casualty of the pandemic downturn, Lindemann began the move toward retirement about 8 months ago when she decided she would not renew her lease when the time came.

Recounting a few favorite memories, Lindemann said, “I think my favorite thing is, I’ve just made so many friendships. It’s just been beautiful. I’ve had some amazing employees, my bookkeeper has been with me 33 years. I have a daughter-in-law because of it. How fabulous is that?” referring to Laura Lindemann.

She added, “She worked for me and met my son, they started dating and has been with me ten years. They got married four years ago, so that’s a big blessing. A lot of family support, and it’s been fun to be part of the community, it’s been a lot of fun.”

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